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Notes 9

A 300-layer French crêpe cake

(via Half Baked – The Cake Blog)

Notes 33

Love gingerbread houses for Christmas

 (by Miss Cupcakery)

Notes 29

Gorgeous cake decorated with a multi-color “bubble” motif

(via (1) Wall Photos)

Notes 17

Brownie pops (brownies dipped in chocolate) decorated with a vine design

(via Vine Brownie Pops : Bella Regalo)

Notes 13

A gorgeous afternoon tea party idea… cold cuts arranged to look like elaborately ruffled cakes

(via Ruffles & Roses: A Mad(ish) Tea Party)

Notes 14

Stained Glass Star Christmas Cookies

(by Dreemkäggs)

Notes 17
Notes 7

Bouquet of chrysanthemum flower cupcakes

(via cakes, cupcakes and cookies)

Notes 7

Raspberry silk cake: almond dacquoise, raspberry gelee, hazelnut crunch, and white chocolate diplomat mousse layers. The top is coated in a colored white chocolate spray.

(via Pastry School Update: Tarts and Cakes : The Pastry Case)

Notes 9

"Pink Passion" passion fruit lemonade

(via Divine Drink Recipes)

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